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Choucroute Garnie Alsacienne (Sauerkraut Alsatian style)

The main ingredients
The finish product served on a plate
Ingredients to serve 4:

NOTE: Made with ingredients generally available in US and Canada
  • 2 lb of Organic Sauerkraut
  • 3 Tablespoons of Goose or Duck Fat (if not available use unsalted butter)
  • 1/2 lb Natural Salted Cured Pork
  • 2 Smoked Pork Shops (about 1/2 lb each)
  • 4 Knackwursts (natural - cooked)
  • 6 Uncured Wieners Sausage 
  • 8 Small Potatoes
  • 1 Onion medium size
  • 2/3 Cup of Riesling White Wine
  • 1/2 Cup of Organic Chicken Broth
  • 1 Teaspoon of Garlic Granules
  • 4 Coriander Seed
  • 4 Juniper Berries
  • Sea Salt and Pepper to taste

How to do it:
  • Wash well the Sauerkraut, press it to remove the excess water and then press in a cloth to remove more water.
  • Spice bag: in a cheese cloth put the Coriander Seeds, the Juniper Berries, and the Garlic Granules.
  • Mince the Onion and cut the Salted Cured Pork in slices (1/4 inch thick).
  • In a cast iron skillet put the minced Onion, the Duck Fat and the slices of the Salted Cured Pork.  Heat at medium until the onions are very translucent.
  • In an Oven Pan put at the bottom half of the Salted Cured Pork slices.
  • Put on top half of the Sauerkraut and half the Onions.
  • Bury in the Sauerkraut the Spice bag.
  • Put over the Smoked Pork Shops and cover them with what is left from the onion.
  • Cover with what is left from the Sauerkraut and cover with the Knackwursts (poke their skin with a knife).
  • Pour the Wine and Chicken Broth.
  • Salt and Pepper.
  • Cover and put in the oven at 275 for 1 hour 30 minutes.

  • Peel the Potatoes and boil them for 10 minutes in water with Salt and Garlic Granules. Remove the Potatoes from the water and keep them aside warm.
  • Remove the Choucroute from the oven and put the Potatoes on top. Cover and cook in the oven at 225 for 30 minutes.
  • Put the wieners (poke their skin with a knife) 5 minutes in boiling water before serving the Choucroute.

Note: You can let cool the Choucroute after cooking and keep it in the fridge. Reheat in the oven within the next 2 days at 250 for 30 to 40 minutes.
  • Serve the Choucroute.

Choucroute serving on a plate