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We love cooking & have a passion for cooking
We love good food & have a passion for good food

We love healthy food & have a passion for healthy food


We want to share our experience with you.  All the recipes we are posting are for dishes we made and liked.

We are avoiding elaborate preparations and presentations using complex techniques, expensive and rare ingredients.  We use tools that are the most common in kitchens today.

We recommend organic or all-natural ingredients since they are free of dangerous chemicals, definitively have a better taste and have no water added during processing. When we purchase, we do not want to pay for water.   For example, a lot of supermarket meats are in a solution which increases the weight of the meat by 20 to 25%, solution that is included in the calculation for the price of meat.  Organic or all-natural meat does not shrink during cooking.  In fact it may increase in size. 

For fish, we try as much as possible to avoid farm-raised fish, we prefer to use wild-caught fish.  Wild-caught fish contains the omega-3 fish oils that our bodies need.  Farm-raised fish contains omega-6 fish oils which are harmful and do not contain much if any of the needed omega-3 fish oils.

We do not use processed food.  We use canned food only when it is organic and low sodium.

We concentrate on simpler recipes that you can can make and are tasty, full of flavor and nutritious.

Most of our recipes are from our childhood where ingredients came from the nearby farms and cooking was very simple.  We refer to most of these recipes as "peasant food" or "food for the poor".

Our style of cooking is essentially French with a California twist.  We often use wine (red or white) for cooking. Remember that all the alcohol dissipates during cooking. There is no alcohol in the dishes ready to be served.

The preparation time for most of our recipes is short, the cooking itself may not be.  It is NOT fast-food.  It is quite often slow-cooking in the oven at low temperatures or in the crock pot.

For stove top cooking we mostly use cast-iron skillets and steel pots & pans of various sizes. 

We will NEVER recommend the use of a microwave oven.

Enjoy food and do not abuse it.

Bernard & Pam