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Cooking Potatoes
The problem with cooking with white potatoes is that there is a lot of unhealthy starch that will pack on the pounds and eventually can cause other health problems none of us want.  However we use a technique when cooking potatoes that removes most of the bad stuff.  No matter how the potatoes are prepared we cut them into small chunks and boil them for about 15 minutes in water, then pour the water out and use them in our dishes.  For example when we have a dish that we are baking that includes potatoes, they are boiled first then added to the dish and baked in the oven.  The results are the same but most of the bad stuff is removed.  We use this technique for all kids of white potatoes (Russet, Red, etc.)

Preparing oven baked (or slow cooked) dishes a day in advance
We do this because we found that the flavor increases as the ingredients have had time to permeate when we store them in the refrigerator.  We slowly reheat in the oven at temperatures between 180 and 250 degrees depending on the dish.